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Volume 20

Hors Serie 4 (August 2018)

Robert J. Buenker:

The Relativity Principle and the Kinetic Scaling of the Units of Energy, Time and Length 1-31

Valeri V. Dvoeglazov and Jesús A. Cázares Montes:

How the Generalized Maxwell Equations Can Be Derived from the Einstein Postulate? 32-35

V. B. Morozov:

Dark energy as zero energy of gravity field 36-42

Hector A Munera:

The Empirical Evidence for the Relativistic Theories of Lorentz, Poincaré and Einstein: the 1881 and 1887 Michelson Experiments, Revisited 43-87


Hors Serie 3 (August 2017)

David F. Roscoe:

Thomas E. Phipps, Jr., in memoriam 1-8

Robert J. Buenker:

Commentary on the Work of Thomas E. Phipps, Jr. (1925-2016) 9-41

Thomas E. Phipps, Jr.:

Electrodynamics: Rebirth of an Experimental Science? 42-83

A .K. T. Assis:

Empedocles, Newton, the Centrifugal Force and their Bucket Experiments 84-96


Hors Serie 2 (December 2015)

Héctor A. Munéra:

From the Classical Ethers of Descartes and Newton to Cosmons and Sagions 1-67

T. E. Phipps, Jr.:

On Mathematical Misconceptions Masquerading as Physics 68-72

Robert J. Buenker:

On the Equality of Relative Velocities Between Two Objects for Observers in Different Rest Frames 73-83

Robert J. Buenker:

The Relativistic Velocity Transformation and the Principle of Absolute Simultaneity 84-102


Hors Serie 1 (April 2013)

T. E. Phipps, Jr.:

A new resolution of the Twin Paradox 1-26

Robert J. Buenker:

The Myth of FitzGerald-Lorentz Length Contraction and the Reality of Einstein's Velocity Transformation 27-52

V.V. Dvoeglazov:

Reply to G.W. Bruhn 53-54

Volume 19

Number 1 (January 2012)

Brian Hills:

Gravito-electromagnetism - another step towards a unified theory of the origin of mass 1-37

John Purssell Ballad:

Decisive Test for the Ritz Hypothesis 38-48

R.E.S. Watson:

An Attempt to Explain Dark Energy in Terms of Statistical Anisotropy 49-70

T.E. Phipps, Jr.:

Bringing Simultaneity Back to Life 71-83

Robert J. Buenker:

The Clock Riddle: The Failure of Einstein's Lorentz Transformation 84-95

Number 2 (April 2012)

B. G. Sidharth:

A "Super Atom": Dedicated to Prof. Walter Greiner 96-103

Amitabha Ghosh:

On the Advance of Mercury's Perihelion due to Inertial Induction and the Possibility of Solar Oblateness 104-114

Florentin Smarandache:

Parameterized Special Theory of Relativity (PSTR) 115-122

Oliver K. Manuel:

Neutron Repulsion 123-150

Brian Hills:

The Vacuum Lattice Model - a new route to longitudinal gravito-electromagnetism 151-192

Number 3 (July 2012)

Sergey A. Belozerov:

Phase pseudowaves and interference on a resonator: to the question of the nature of light and quantum interference 193-217

Robert J. Buenker:

The Sign of the Doppler Shift in Ultracentrifuge Experiments 218-237

Nikolay Dibrov:

On an Interpretation of Podkletnov's "Shielding Effect Against Gravitational Force" 238-246

S. Ghosh, A. Choudhury and J. K. Sarma:

Radius of electron, magnetic moment and helical motion of the charge of electron 247-263

B. S. Lakshmi and K. L. Vasundhara:

A Model for Atmospheric Circulation 264-281

@ Issue

Robert J. Buenker:

Einstein's Hidden Postulate 282-301

Volume 18

Number 1 (January 2011)

Jerome Cantor:

A Random Resistor Network Model of Space-Time 1-8

D. Sands & J. Dunning-Davies:

How applicable is Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics? 9-14

Peter Enders:

Bose-Einstein vs. Maxwell-Boltzmann distributions 15-16

Miroslaw Zabierowski:

An explanation of Enders' doubts about an explanation of Newton's dynamics 17-21

Peter Enders:

Conservation of state versus change of state 22-28

Peter Cameron:

Magnetic and Electric Flux Quanta: the Pion Mass 29-42

Number 2 (April 2011)

Nikolay Dibrov:

Unified Model of Shadow-Gravity and the Exploding Electron 43-83

Paul K. Suh:

The Symmetric Physics of the Universe 84-145

K. Muralidhar:

Classical Origin of Quantum Spin 146-160

Carlos Quimbay and John Morales:

Particle Mass Generation from Physical Vacuum 161-202


Peter Enders:

Physical, Metaphysical and Logical Thoughts about the Wave Equation and the Symmetry of Space-time 203-221

Peter Cameron:

Electron Impedances 222-253

Number 3 (July 2011)

H.C. Potter:

Metanalysis validates comprehensive two-part photon 254-269

Ajay Sharma:

Derivation of DE=Dmc2 Revisited 270-296

Juan Casado:

A Steady Flow Cosmological Model from a Minimal Large Numbers Hypothesis 297-320

Number 4 (October 2011)

Andrew W. Beckwith:

Detailing Minimum Parameters for the Red Shift, Frequency, Strain, and Wavelength of Gravitational Waves / Gravitons, and Impact Upon GW astronomy for Experimentally Falsifiable Measurements to Evaluate Current models of Cosmology 321-351

Nikolay Dibrov:

Nature of Atomic Orbits 352-376

A.N. Pechenkov:

Nonuniqueness of the Bose-Einstein statistical processes for the black body radiation 377-384

Ajay Sharma:

Origins of Rest Mass Energy in Einstein's derivations 385-397

Volume 17

Number 1 (January 2010)

K. Boubaker:

Analytical initial-guess-free solution to Kepler's transcendental equation using Boubaker Polynomials Expansion Scheme BPES 1-12

Stephan J.G. Gift:

Doppler Shift Reveals Light Speed Variation BPES 13-21

Peter Enders:

Precursors of force fields in Newton's Principia 22-27

Melih Turgut, Ahmad T. Ali, José Luis López-Bonilla:

Time-like Involutes of space-like helix in Minkowski space-time 28-41

Number 2 (April 2010)

A.J.S. Capistrano:

On the Relativity of Shapes 42-58

G. Ares de Parga and F. Gutierrez-Mejia:

A Further Analysis of Blackbody Radiation 59-72

D.L. Khokhlov:

Transformation for the Energy Flux of the Electromagnetic Wave 73-80

Paulo Maurício:

Experimental Evidence for Physical Reality of Theta Wave by Change in Radionuclide Decay Rates 81-91

Miroslaw Zabierowski:

Planck's Hypothesis, Sommerfeld's Fine Structure, Dirac's Relations, Causality, and Metrological Standards 92-98

Robert J. Buenker:

Time Dilation and the Concept of an Objective Rest System 99-125

Guoyou Huang:

Fine Structure Constant| and Variable Speed of Light 126-149

José Íñiguez:

An Unusually Efficient Coupling of Carnot Engines 150-172

@ issue

Miroslaw Zabierowski:

Mathematical versus physical meaning of classical mechanics quantities 173-182


Volkmar Mueller and Martin Kokus:

High Mass and High Redshift Elliptical Galaxies and Interpretations of Hubble's Constant 183-186

Number 3 (July 2010)

Juan J. Schulz Poquet:

A Test in the Outer Space For the Constancy of the Velocity of Light 187-192

Peter Cameron:

Photon Impedance Match to a Single Free Electron 193-200

Peter Cameron:

Possible Origin of the 70MeV Mass Quantum 201-207

@ issue

Peter Enders:

Comment on 'Mathematical versus physical meaning of classical mechanics quantities' by M. Zabierowski (Apeiron 17, 173, 2010) 208-213

Number 4 (October 2010)

Jirí Stávek:

Doppler-Voigt-Einstein Selforganization - The Mechanism for Information Transfer 214-222

Lukasz Glinka:

CP violation, massive neutrinos, and its chiral condensate: new results from Snyder noncommutative geometry 223-242

Lukasz Glinka:

Energy renormalization and integrability within the massive neutrinos model 243-271

@ issue

Maciej Rybicki:

Through the Looking-Glass to the Möbius Strip 272-280

Volume 16

Number 1 (January 2009)


Remarks on the Proton Structure 1-21

Peter Enders:

Towards the Unity of Classical Physics 22-44

V. Barrera-Figueroa, J. Sosa-Pedroza, J. López-Bonilla:

The Pocklington Equation via Circuit Theory 45-69

Dan Wagner:

Lorentz Contraction relative to Fresnel dragged reference frame explains Solid-State Michelson-Morley Experiment Null Result 70-81

Jaroslav Hynecek:

Simple Thought Experiments that Falsify the Einstein's Weak Equivalence Principle 82-95

Robert J. Buenker:

Simultaneity and the Constancy of the Speed of Light: Normalization of Space-time Vectors in the Lorentz Transformation 96-146

Number 2 (April 2009)

L.A. Glinka:

On some Consequences of the Snyder-Sidharth Deformation of Special Relativity 147-160

Juan Casado Giménez:

Modeling The Expansion Of The Universe By A Steady Flow Of Space-Time 161-178

J. E. F. Araújo, J. L. Cordovil, J. R. Croca, R. N. Moreira and A. R. da Silva:

A Causal and Local Interpretation of Experimental Realization of Wheeler's Delayed-choice Gedanken Experiment 179-190

Dan Solomon:

An interesting result concerning the lower bound to the energy in the Heisenberg picture 191-202

@ issue

Robert J. Buenker

On the Asymmetry in Relativistic Doppler Shifts Caused by Time Dilation: Proposed Two-way Experiment 203-224


Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya:

Stardust Findings - Implications for Panspermia 225-228

Number 3 (July 2009)

A.J.S. Capistrano, P.I. Odon:

The Dark Universe Riddle 229-304

Jorge Guala-Valverde, Andrija S. Radovic:

New Theorem in Motional Electrodynamics 305-312

Dan Wagner:

Lorentz Driven Density Increase Results in Higher Refractive Index and Greater Fresnel Drag 313-322

Reginald T. Cahill:

Unraveling the Dark Matter - Dark Energy Paradigm 323-375

Dan Solomon:

The Heisenberg versus the Schrödinger picture and the problem of gauge invariance 376-407

Stephan Gift:

Separating Equivalent Space-Time Theories 408-417

Volodymyr Krasnoholovets:

On microscopic interpretation of phenomena predicted by the formalism of general relativity 418-438

J. H. Caltenco, Eduardo Cisneros, R. Linares, J. López-Bonilla, R. Peña-Rivero:

Electromagnetic Couplings in Unshielded Twisted Pairs 439-454

@ issue

Ezzat G. Bakhoum

On the Relativistic Principle of Time Dilation 455-462


Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya:

Critique on Vindication of Panspermia 463-474

Number 4 (October 2009)

Robert A. Stone, Jr.:

The 4-p Quantization of Fundamental Particle Mass 475-484

B.S. Lakshmi:

On a Modified Klein-Gordon Equation 485-491

J.P. Singh:

Quantum Entanglement through Quaternions 491-502

T.E. Phipps, Jr.:

The Sherwin-Rawcliffe Experiment - Evidence for Instant Action-at-a-distance 503-515

G.G. Nyambuya:

General Spin Dirac Equation 516-531

François Goy:

On the Sagnac effect for massive particles and some of its epistemological consequences 532-541

Francisco J. Gallegos-Funes, Margarita E. Gómez-Mayorga, José Luis Lopez-Bonilla, Rene Cruz-Santiago:

Rank M-Type Radial Basis Function (RMRBF) Neural Network for Pap Smear Microscopic Image Classification 542-554

Peter Enders:

Are there physical systems obeying the Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics? 542-554

Volume 15

Number 1 (January 2008)

Golden Gadzirayi Nyambuya:

Unified Field Theory - Paper II 1-24

Richard Benish:

Space Generation Model of Gravitation and the Large Numbers Coincidences 25-48

Nicolae Mazilu:

Mechanical Problem of Ether 49-77

Munish Rattan, Manjeet Singh Patterh, B.S. Sohi:

Antenna Array Optimization using Evolutionary Approaches 78-93

C. P. Viazminsky:

Tangible Grounds for Lorentz and Generalized Lorentz Transformations 94-122

Number 2 (April 2008)

E. Comay:

Mathematical Constraints on Gauge in Maxwellian Electrodynamics 123-138

Laszlo A. Marosi:

Influence of the Soup-Bubble Structure on the Stability of a Static, Flat Universe Consisting of Matter and a Repulsive with 1/R Decaying Scalar Fields 139-155

Ian McCausland:

A Question of Relativity 156-168

Maciej Rybicki:

Doppler Effect in Absolute Spacetime: Proposal for a New TDE Experiment 169-177

Dan Solomon:

Some New Results Concerning the QFT Vacuum in the Heisenberg Picture 178-186

Oscar Sotolongo-Costa, R. Gamez, F. Luzón, A. Posadas, & Pablo Weigandt Beckmann:

Non Extensivity in Meteor Showers 187-201

@ Issue

Jorge Guala-Valverde & Ricardo Achilles:

A Manifest Failure of Grassmann's Force 202-205

Number 3 (July 2008)

Krzysztof Rebilas:

Derivation of the Relativistic Momentum and Relativistic Equation of Motion from Newton's Second Law and Minkowskian Space-Time Geometry 206-221

Richard Benish:

Light and Clock Behavior in the Space Generation Model of Gravitation 222-234

Gérard Berger:

An Alternative Theory of Gravitation, Derived from the Fatio-Le Sage Theory 235-253

Robert J. Buenker:

The Global Positioning System and the Lorentz Transformation 254-269

Maciej Rybicki:

Critical Analysis of Special Relativity in Reference to the Energy Transformation 270-293

Pharis Williams:

New Time Dependent Gravity Displays Dark Matter and Dark Energy Effects 294-313

@ issue

Jorge Guala-Valverde & Ricardo Achilles:

Ampère: The Avis Phoenix of Electrodynamics 314-324


José Francisco García Juliá:

Simple Considerations on the Cosmological Redshift 325-337

Robert J. Buenker:

Huygens' Principle and the Computation of the Light Trajectory for the Gravitational Displacement of Star Images 338-357

Number 4 (October 2008)

E.P.J. de Haas:

Biquaternion Formulation of Relativistic Tensor Dynamics 358-381

Robert J. Buenker:

Gravitational and Kinetic Scaling of Physical Units 382-413

Matthew R. Edwards:

Further Evidence of Photon-Graviton Recycling in White Dwarf Luminosities 414-432

D.L. Khokhlov:

On the Speed of the Electromagnetic Wave 433-439

Maurizio Michelini:

The Common Physical Origin of the Gravitational, Strong and Weak Forces 440-464

Maciej Rybicki:

Cosmological Origin of the Gravitational Constant 465-480

@ issue

T.E. Phipps, Jr.:

Universal Invariance: A Novel View of Relativistic Physics 481-508


Robert J. Buenker:

Extension of Schiff's Gravitational Scaling Method to Compute the Precession of Mercury's Perihelion 509-533

T.E. Phipps, Jr.:

Fibonacci and Continued Fractions 534-550

Volume 14

Number 1 (January 2007)

E. Comay:

The Yukawa Lagrangian Density is Inconsistent with the Hamiltonian 1-11

S.A. Belozerov:

Fallacies regarding the principle of relativity, slow clock transport and Marinov’s experiment 12-30

@ issue:

H. Montgomery:

Some Comments on J. Guala-Valverde’s Experiments on Unipolar Induction 31-46

J. Guala-Valverde:

Again on Motional EM Induction: Reply to H. Montgomery 47-49

Number 2 (April 2007)

E. Comay:

The Significance of Density in the Structure of Quantum Theories 50-64

Maurizio Michelini:

A Flux of Micro Quanta Explains Relativistic Mechanics and the Gravitational Interaction 65-94

Daniele Russo:

Stellar Aberration: the Contradiction between Einstein and Bradley 95-112

M.I. Sanduk:

Does the Three Wave Hypothesis Imply a Hidden Structure? 113-125

R.E.S. Watson:

An Example 4-Geon 126-147

@ Issue

J.M. Kerr:

Predictions of Experimental Results from a Gravity Theory 148-152

Number 3 (July 2007)

Saibal Ray:

Lorentz's Electromagnetic Mass: A Clue for Unification? 153-168

R. Achilles & J. Guala-Valverde:

Action at a Distance: A Key to Homopolar Induction 169-183

B. Buonaura:

Electromagnetic Waves, Inertial Transformations and Compton Effect 184-213

Matthew R. Edwards:

Photon-Graviton Recycling as Cause of Gravitation 214-233

Ross McPherson:

Stoney Scale and Large Number Coincidences 234-265

Maciej Rybicki:

Energy Flow as the Cause of Inertia 266-269

Ali Rıza Şahin:

A New Approach to General Relativity 270-287


Amitabha Ghosh:

On the Annual and Diurnal Variations of the Anomalous Acceleration of Pioneer 10 288-299

@ Issue

Thomas E. Phipps, Jr.:

Twin Paradoxes 300-319

Number 4 (October 2007)

Golden Gadzirayi Nyambuya:

Unified Field Theory - Paper I 320-361

Richard Benish:

Laboratory Test of a Class of Gravity Models 362-378

Forrest Bishop:

The Fine-structure Constant and Some Relationships Between the Electromagnetic Wave Constants 379-384

Sergey G. Fedosin:

Electromagnetic and Gravitational Pictures of the World 385-413

Robert E Galloway:

Refracting Saddle Wave Model of Stable Fundamental Particles 414-434

N. Hamdan, A.K. Hariri, J. López-Bonilla:

Derivation of Einstein’s Equation, E = mc2, from the Classical Force Laws 435-453

Maciej Rybicki:

Length Contraction on Rotating Disc: an Argument for the Lorentzian Approach to Relativity 454-463

Krzysztof Rebilas:

Alternative Method of Developing Maxwell's fields 464-480

@ Issue

Lance McCarthy:

Understanding the Retardation of the Returned Astronaut’s Clock and GPS Clocks Using the Physical Behaviour of Moving Light Clocks 481-511

Volume 13

Number 1 (January 2006)

Peter J. Fimmel:

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and Sub-Barrier Neutron Transfers 1-16

Peter M. Hansen:

Redshift Components of Apparent Quasar-Galaxy Associations: A Parametric Model 17-33

M. Bautista-Moedano and J.L. Lopez-Bonilla:

Matrix elements for the Coulomb interaction 34-42

C. Johan Masreliez:

On the Origin of Inertial Force 43-77

Bernhard Rothenstein, Stefan Popescu and George J. Spix:

Illustrating Einstein's Special Relativity: A relativistic diagram that displays in true values the components of a four vector 78-101


Jirí Stávek:

Evolution of Self-Organized Photon Waves  102-117

@ issue:

José Luis Junquera Fernández-Díez:

The Sliding Rods Paradox 118-128

Number 2 (April 2006)

C.I. Christov:

Hidden in Plain View: The Material Invariance of Maxwell-Hertz-Lorentz Electrodynamics 129-161

E. Comay:

Theoretical Errors in Contemporary Physics 162-195

J. López-Bonilla, E. Ramírez-García :

Lanczos invariant as an important element in Riemannian 4-spaces 196-205

D.F. Roscoe:

Maxwell’s Equations: New Light on Old Problems 206-239

Dan Solomon:

The stability of the QED vacuum in the temporal gauge 240-269

J. Sosa-Pedroza, V. Barrera-Figueroa, J. López-Bonilla:

Pocklington equation method versus curved segments technique for the numerical study of circular antennas 270-283

J. Sosa-Pedroza, A. Lucas-Bravo, J. López-Bonilla:

Cross antenna: An experimental and numerical analysis 284-283


M. Harney:

The Cosmological-Redshift Explained by the Intersection of Hubble Spheres 298-306

@ issue:

Valery P. Dmitriyev:

E = mc2 in the Turbulent Ether 307-310

S. Baune:

Theory of Special Relativity vs. Preferred Referance Frame Theory: Update 311-315

Number 3 (July 2006)

Hans J. Fahr and Michael Heyl:

Universes with constant total energy: do they solve important cosmological problems? 321-343

Yoël Lana-Renault:

Aspin” Bubbles: Mechanical Project for the Unification of the Forces of Nature 344-374

A. Zúñiga-Segundo, M. A. Arvizu-Coyotzi, J.L. López-Bonilla, and B.E. Carvajal-Gámez:

Light Beam Propagation in a Photorefractive Environment: Beam-Fanning Effect and Amplification of Weak Beams 375-390


Daniele Russo:

A Critical Analysis of Special Relativity in Light of Lorentz’s and Michelson’s Ideas 391-448

Number 4 (October 2006)

A.B. Van Oosten:

Covariance of the Schroedinger Equation under Low Velocity Boosts 449-454

Michael Harney:

A Method Of Triangulating Point Sources Using Omnidirectional Sensors 455-461

Ali Rıza Şahin:

Einstein Equations for Tetrad Fields 462-470

@ issue:

A. Lopez-Ramos:

Theoretical Distinction between Relativistic Theories 471-486

Volume 12

Number 1 (January 2005)

Vladimir Yershov:

Dualism of spacetime as the origin of the fermion mass hierarchy 1-25

E. Comay:

Further difficulties with the Klein-Gordon equation 26-46

Nizar Hamdan:

Derivation of the relativistic Doppler effect from the Lorentz force 47-61

Alexander G. Kyriakos:

The massive neutrino-like particle of the non-linear electromagnetic field theory 62-88

C. Johan Masreliez:

Scale Expanding Cosmos IV

A possible link between general relativity and quantum mechanics 89-121

Bernard Rothenstein, Ioan Damian, Corina Nafornita:

Relativistic Doppler effect free of "plane wave" and "very high" frequency assumptions  122-135


Thomas E. Phipps, Jr.:

Testing relativity theory for one-way light propagation  135-143

Number 2 (April 2005)

Reg Cahill:

Gravitation, the 'Dark Matter' Effect and the Fine Structure Constant 144-177

Alexander L. Kholmetskii:

On the Relativistic Transformation of Force 178-200

K.J. Oyewumi, C.O. Akoshile, T.T. Ibrahim, D.A. Ajadi:

The WKBJ Wavefunctions in the Classically Forbidden Region: the Connection Formulae 201-216

Y.P Varshni, J. Talbot:

Ton 202 as a Star 217-227

Juan J. Schulz-Poquet:

An Astronomical Test for the Second Postulate of the Special Theory of Relativity 228-255


Abdul Malek:

Ambartsumian, Arp and the Breeding Galaxies  256-271

Number 3 (July 2005)

Oded Bar-On:

Time-Asymmetric Relativity 256-273

Nizar Hamdan:

A Dynamic Approach to De Broglie's Theory 274-290

S.E. Bloomer and J. Dunning-Davies:

Black Holes, Other Exotic Stars and Conventional Wisdom 291-308

Alexander L. Kholmetskii:

On "Hidden Momentum" of Magnetic Dipoles 309-329

Alexander Kozynchenko:

The Role of Retarded Momentum and Spin in Explaining the Meissner Effect and Other Electrodynamic Phenomena 330-350


J. Guala-Valverde, R. Achilles, R. Blas:

Inertial Mass: a Changing Entity  351-352

Number 4 (October 2005)

Bernhard Rothenstein and Ioan Damian:

Photographing a Time Interval 353-362

J.L. Lopez-Bonilla, J. Sosa-Pedroza, S. Vidal-Beltran:

A Necessary Algebraic Condition for R4 Embedded into E5 363-370

M. Acevedo, J.L. Lopez-Bonilla, M. Sanchez-Meraz:

Quaternions, Maxwell Equations and Lorentz Transformations 371-384

S. Baune:

Theory of Special Relativity vs. Preferred Reference Frame Theory 385-392


A. Rangel-Merino, J.L. Lopez-Bonilla, R. Linares y Miranda:

Optimization Method based on Genetic Algorithms  393-408

J. Guala-Valverde, R. Blas, M. Blas:

"Non Local Motional EM Induction" 409-418

Volume 11

Number 1 (January 2004)

Reginald T. Cahill:

Gravity as Quantum Foam In-Flow

Reginald T. Cahill:

Absolute Motion and Gravitational Effects

V. Christianto:

A Cantorian Superfluid Vortex and the Quantization of Planetary Motion

Alexander L. Kholmetskii:

Do We Understand the Field Transformations in Classical Electrodynamics?

Jiří Stávek:

Diffusion of Individual Brownian Particles through Young's Double Slits

Peter G. Bass:


A New Theory. Further Kinetics of Gravitational Motion

Peter G. Bass:


A New Theory. Generation of the Gravitational Potential and the Time Dilation Effect


Franco Selleri:

Recovering the Lorentz Ether

Number 2 (April 2004)

Alexander L. Kholmetskii:

The Faraday Induction Law in Covariant Ether Theories

Calin Galeriu:

A Derivation of Two Homogeneous Maxwell Equations

W. Engelhardt:

On the Relativistic Transformation of Electromagnetic Fields

J. Guala- Valverde:

Comments on Montgomery's Paper on Electrodynamics

Alexander G. Kyriakos:

An Electromagnetic Form of the Dirac Electron Theory

George P. Shpenkov:

Conjugate Fields and Symmetries


Jiří Stávek:

Diffusion of Self-Organized Brownian Particles in the Michelson-Morley Experiment

Number 3 (July  2004)

E. Comay:

Difficulties with the Klein-Gordon Equation

A. Laidlaw:

On the Electromagnetic Basis for Gravity

Alexander G. Kyriakos:

The Dirac Electron Theory as an Approximation of Nonlinear Electrodynamics

V. Christianto:

Comparison of Predictions of Planetary Quantization and Implications of the Sedna Findings

C. Johan Masreliez:

Scale Expanding Cosmos Theory I

An Introduction


A.M. Selvam:

Quantumlike Chaos in the Frequency Distributions of Bases A, C, G, T in Human Chromosome1 DNA

Number 4 (October  2004)

C. Johan Masreliez:

Scale Expanding Cosmos Theory

Cosmic Drag

C. Johan Masreliez:

Scale Expanding Cosmos Theory


@ Issue

Douglas Mora:

An Experiment to Test the Galilean Principle of Relativity


Jacques Moret-Bailly:

Some Fundamental Problems in the Physics of the 20th Century

Volume 10

Number 1 (January 2003)

Calin Galeriu:

Addition of velocities and electromagnetic interaction: geometrical derivations using 3D Minkowski diagrams

William Gaede:

What is an Object?

Alexander L. Kholmetskii:

On the Non-Invariance of the Faraday Law of Induction


Constantin Antonopoulos:

A Bang into Nowhere: comments on the Universe expansion theory

@ issue

Tom Van Flandern:

What the Global Positioning System Tells US about the Twin's Paradox

Number 2 (April 2003)

E. Comay:

Remarks on Photon-Hadron Interactions

Reginald T. Cahill and Kirsty Kitto:

Michelson-Morley Experiments Revisited and the Cosmic Background Radiation Preferred Frame

Alexander L. Kholmetskii:

The Faraday Induction Law and Field Transformations in Special Relativity

Alexander L. Kholmetskii:

Remarks on the Causality Principle (comment on a previous paper)

Vladimir Onoochin:

On the Unambiguity of the Solution of the Inhomogeneous Wave Equation


Abdul Malek:

The Cosmic Gamma-Ray Halo

New Imperative for a Dialectical Perspective of the Universe

@ issue

Tom Van Flandern:

Does Gravity Have Inertia?

Number 3 (July 2003)

Jiří Stávek:

Diffusion Action of Chemical Waves

Oscar Sotolongo-Costa and Jesus San-Martin:

P-adic Properties of Time in the Bernoulli Map

@ issue

Alexander L. Kholmetskii:

The Twin Paradox in Special Relativity and in Lorentz Ether Theory


V. Christianto:

The Cantorian Superfluid Vortex Hypothesis

Number 4 (October2003)

A.M. Selvam:

Signatures of Quantum-like Chaos in Dow-Jones Index

W. Engelhardt:

Relativistic Doppler Effect and the Principle of Relativity

Peter G. Bass:

The Special Theory of Relativity--A Classical Approach

Peter G. Bass:

Gravitation: A New Theory

@ issue

Tom Van Flandern:

Lorentz Contraction

Volume 9

Number 1 (January 2002)

A. Laidlaw:

Some Advantages of a Local Realist, 3D Wave Soliton Approach to EPR

J.H. Caltenco, J. López-Bonilla, G. Ovando and J.M. Rivera:

Lanczos Superpotential for Kinnersley Spacetimes

J. López Bonilla, J. Sosa Pedroza, M.A. Acevedo M.:

Inactive Portion of the Radiative Part of the Liénard-Wiechert Field

Number 2 (April 2002)

A. M. Selvam:

Cantorian Fractal Space-Time Fluctuations in Turbulent Fluid Flows and the Kinetic Theory of Gases

Rajan Dogra:

A New Proposal Combining Quantum Mechanics and the Special Theory of Relativity

Gerhard Wolfgang Bruhn:

Does Radioactivity Correlate with the Annual Orbit of Earth around Sun?

Eckhard Dieter Falkenberg:

Reply to “Does Radioactivity Correlate with the Annual Orbit of Earth around Sun?” by G. W. Bruhn

Amir H. Abbassi and Amir M. Abbassi:

Relational Relativity

J. H. Caltenco, R. Linares & M.J. López-Bonilla:

Surfaces of Constant Retarded Distance and Radiation Coordinates

The Ephemeris

Tom Van Flandern:

The Top 30 Problems with the Big Bang

Number 3 (July 2002)

A.H. Abbassi, S. Gharanfoli and A.M. Abbassi:

General Spherically Symmetric Solutions of Einstein Vacuum Field Equations with Lambda

J. López-Bonilla,, J. Morales and G. Ovando:

Darboux Transformations and Isospectral Potentials in Quantum Mechanics

C. Wolf:

Anomalous Statistics and the Rescaling of Planck's-Constant

A.G. Syromyatnikov:

Role of Earth’s Rotation in Experiments to Detect Neutrino Mass

@ issue

Tom Van Flandern:

A Universe older than itself?

Number 4 (October 2002)

Yu. A. Baurov:

The Neutrino: What is it?

Horace R. Drew:

A Periodic Structural Model for the Electron Can Calculate its Intrinsic Properties to an Accuracy of Second or Third Order

Úlpio Nascimento:

Searching for Earth's Trajectory in the Cosmos

George P. Shpenkov and Leonid G. Kreidik:

Discrete Configuration of Probability of Occurrence of Events in Wave Spaces

A. M. Selvam:

Quantumlike Chaos in the Frequency Distributions of the Bases A, C. G, T in Drosophilia DNA

Volume 8

Number 1 (January 2001)

Marcos Cesar Danhoni Neves:

De Imenso,De Minimo and De Infinito: Giordano Bruno’s Micro and Infinite Universe and the “A-centric Labyrinth” of Modern Cosmology and its Philosophical Constraints

Galina Granek:

Poincaré’s Ether:

A. Why did Poincaré retain the ether?

Galina Granek:

Poincaré’s Ether: B. What characterizes Poincaré’s ether?

A.L. Kholmetskii:

Remarks on the Correspondence of the Relativity and Causality Principles

Vladimir Onoochin:

Comment on the paper by A.L. Kholmetskii “Remarks on the Correspondence of the Relativity and Causality Principles”

Mario Nanni:

Gravitational Differences of a Chemical Nature

Rumen I. Tzonchev and Andrew E. Chubykalo:

Comment on “Dependence of Gravitational Action on Chemical Composition: New Series of Experiments” by M. Nanni (Apeiron 7, p.195, 2000)

H.C.G. Caldas and P.R. Silva:

Spreading of Wave Packets, Uncertainly Relations and the de Broglie Frequency

Fred H. Thaheld:

A Preliminary Indication of Controllable Biological Quantum Nonlocality?

Number 2 (April 2001)

Valery P. Dmitriyev

Mechanical Analogy for the Wave-Particle: Helix on a Vortex Filament

Eckhard Dieter Falkenberg

Radioactive Decay Caused by Neutrinos?

Galina Granek

Poincaré’s Ether: C. Conventionalism Revisited

Galina Granek

Einstein’s Ether: D. Rotational Motion of the Earth

A.L. Kholmetskii

Is the Theory of Relativity Self-Consistent?

Pharis E. Williams

Using the Hubble Telescope to Determine the Split of a Cosmological Object’s Redshift into its Gravitational and Distance Parts

Number 3 (July 2001)

Valery P. Dmitriyev

Mechanical Interpretation of the Klein-Gordon Equation

Galina Granek

Einstein’s Ether: E. Annual Motion of the Earth

Galina Granek

Einstein’s Ether: F. Why did Einstein Come Back to the Ether?

A.M. Selvam

Quantum-like Chaos in Prime Number Distribution and in Turbulent Fluid Flows

Tuomo Suntola

Celestial Mechanics in Spherical Space

C. Wolf

Polarization Rotation Over Cosmological Distances as a Probe to New Physics

Tuomo Suntola

New Cosmology Model Shows Relativity in Universal Time and Distant Observations in Euclidean Geometry


Jorge Guale Valverde:

A new Theorem in Relational Mechanics

Giuseppe Antoni & Umberto Bartocci:

A Simple "Classical" Interpretation of Fizeau's Experiment

Number 4 (October 2001)

Raúl A. Rapacioli

More on the Claimed Identity Between Inertial Mass and Gravitational Mass

A.M. Selvam

Signatures of Quantum-like Chaos in Spacing Intervals of Non-trivial Riemann Zeta Zeros and in Turbulent Fluid Flows

Jorge Guala-Valverde and Pedro Mazzoni

The Unipolar Dynamotor: A Genuine Relational Engine

Fred Thaheld

Proposed Experiments to Determine if There is a Connection Between Biological Nonlocality and Consciousness

Volume 7

Numbers 1-2 (January-April 2000)

Myron Evans (Guest Editor)

The New Electrodynamics (1-2)

Terence W. Barrett

Topology and the Physical Properties of Electromagnetic Fields (3-11)

L.B. Crowell

Nonabelian Electrodynamics and SU(2) ´  SU(2) Electroweak Theory in LEP1 Data on Z Particle Production (12-13)

Myron Evans

On the Application of the Lorentz Transformation in O(3) Electrodynamics (14-16)

Geoffrey Hunter

The B(3) Field Controversy (17-28)

Myron Evans

O(3) Electrodynamics:A Second Reply to Hunter (29-32)

Edward Kapuścik

Non-Lorentzian Gauge Fields in Maxwell Electrodynamics (33-37)

V.A. Kuligin, G.A. Kuligina, M.V. Korneva

Analysis of the Lorenz Gauge (38-52)

Bo Lehnert, Sisir Roy, Arkaprabha Deb

An Extended Electromagnetic Theory (53-58)

Héctor A. Múnera, Octavio Guzmán

Explicit Examples of Free-Space Non-Planar Electromagnetic Waves Containing Magnetic Scalar Potentials (59-66)

Héctor A. Múnera

An Electromagnetic Force Containing Two New Terms: Derivation from a 4D-Aether (67-75)

José L. Trueba, Antonio F. Rañada

Helicity in Classical Electrodynamics and its Topological Quantization (83-88)

A.A Cyrenika

Principles of Emission Theory (89-106)


T.E. Phipps,Jr.: Generalized Total Time Derivatives; Editorial Comment by Edward Kapuscik; Reviews: Sisir Roy: Statistical Geometry and Applications to Microphysics and Cosmology (reviewed by John Guillory); A.K.T. Assis: Relational Mechanics (reviewed by T.E. Phipps,Jr., Andrei Chubykalo) (107-115)

@ issue (115-130)

Numbers 3-4 (July-October 2000)

A.K.T. Assis and J. Guala-Valverde

Mass in Relational Mechanics (131-132)

Vittorio Banfi

Prime Integrals in Relativistic Celestial Mechanics (133-142)

D.G. Carpenter:

A Compensating Term for the ‘Side Force Component’ Term in the Barometric Equation (143-147)

D.G. Carpenter

Replacement of the Euler Fluid and Navier-Stokes Equations (148-154)

David Dameron

Flux Leakage Tests for the Marinov Motor (155-160)

Valeri P. Dmitriyev

Towards a Mechanical Analogy of a Quantum Particle: Turbulent Advection of a Fluid Discontinuity and Schroedinger Mechanics (161-172)

Valeri P. Dmitriyev

Mechanical Analogies for the Lorenz Gauge, Particles and Antiparticles (173-183)

Ph.M. Kanarev

Model of the Electron (184-194)

Mario Nanni

Dependence of Gravitational Action on Chemical Composition: New Series of Experiments (195-201)

Fred H. Thaheld

Proposed experiment to determine if there are EPR nonlocal correlations between two neuron transistors (202-206)

C. Wolf

The Inequivalence of Haldane Statistics and the Ambiguous Statistics of Medvedev (207-212)


G. Galeczki:

The Locally Induced Electric Field 

H.R. Drew:

If There Is No Thomas Precession, What Then? (213-224)

@ issue (225-244)

Volume 6

Numbers 1-2 (January-April 1999)

Pierre Hillion:

The Wilsons’ Experiment (1-8)

Christopher G. Jesudason:

Time's Arrow, Detail Balance,Onsager Reciprocity and Mechanical Reversibility: I. Basic Considerations (9-24)

S. H. Kim:

Validity of Quantum Wiggler Electrodynamics Based on Analysis of the First Free-Electron Laser and Radiation in the First Smith-Purcell Configuration? (25-43)

Emilio S. Corchero & Enrique Santos-Leal:

Anisotropic Velocity Distribution in the Solar Plasma: Solution to the Neutrino Problem? (45-54)

V.N. Strel’tsov:

On the Lorentz-Covariant Theory of Gravity (55-62)

Klaus Volkamer & Christoph Streicher:

Experimental Evidence of a New Type of Quantized Matter with Quanta as Integer Multiples of the Planck Mass (63-82)

C. Wolf:

Quantum Correlations and Non-Locality as a Consequence of the Connectivity of Random Graphs (83-88)

Yong-Gwan Yi:

Optical Approach to Gravitational Redshift (89-106)

Amitabha Ghosh & Soumitro Banerjee:

Velocity Dependent Inertial Induction: Explanation of the Observed Anomalous Acceleration of Spacecraft (107-110)


George Galeczki:

Space is 3-Dimensional;

Junichiro Fukai:

Review of Weber’s Electrodynamics by A.K.T. Assis

Tom Van Flandern:

Review of Seeing Red by Halton Arp

Howard Hayden:

Review of Open Questions in Relativistic Physics, edited by Franco Selleri (111-122)

Ex Libris:

Discussion of Seeing Red by Horace R. Drew,Matthew R. Edwards,Thomas E. Phipps,Jr., Jim Wright

Discussion of Open Questions in Relativistic Physics by Myron Evans (123-132)

@ issue (133-149)

Numbers 3-4 (July-October 1999)

J.R. Croca:

The Uncertainty Relations (151-165)

Louis Groarke & LeRoy Pazdernik:

Has an Experimental Violation of Bohr’s Complementary Principle been Observed? (16-171)

Christopher G. Jesudason:

Time’s Arrow, Detail Balance, Onsager Reciprocity and Mechanical Reversibility: II. Thermodynamical Illustrations (172-185)

R. Muradian, S. Carneiro, R. Marques:

Radius-Mass Scaling Laws for Celestial Bodies (186-190)

E. Santos Corchero:

Relativistic Stars with Local Anisotropy:A Vindication of Einstein’s Second Heresy (191-198)

V.N. Strel’tsov:

Gravitational Charge in Newton’s and Einstein’s Theories (199-201)

Jorge Guala-Valverde:

Inertial Mass in Mach-Weber-Assis Theory (202-204)

Yong-Gwan Yi:

On the Nature of Relativistic Phenomena (205-216)

C. Wolf:

Spectral Distribution of Photons Admitting Ambiguous Statistics (217-221)

Petar K. Anastasovski et al.:

Link between the Non-Abelian Stokes Theorem and the B Cyclic Theorem (222-226)

Valeri V. Dvoeglazov:

Speculations on the Evans-Comay Discussion (227-232)

E. Comay:

A Reply to V.V. Dvoeglazov (233-236)


J.P. Wesley: A theorem and proof for the total time derivative of a vector field as seen by a moving point

Nuclear Transmutation: The Reality of Cold Fusion by Tadahiko Mizuno (reviewed by T.E. Phipps, Jr.)

Relativité et Substratum Cosmique by Joseph Levy (reviewed by Paul Marmet)

Extended Electromagnetic Theory-Space-Charge in Vacuo and the Rest Mass of the Photon. By B. Lehnert and S. Roy (reviewed by Stanley Jeffers) (237-243)

@ issue (243-254)

Volume 5

Numbers 1-2 (January-April 1998)

R.H. Dishington:

The Conservation Law (1-21)

Jiang Chun-xuan:

On the Limit for the Periodic Table of the Elements (21-24)

Marcel Luttgens:

Newton vs. Einstein (25-30)

Jacques Moret-Bailly:

Can Astronomers Observe a Difference between a Doppler Effect and Coherent Parametric Raman Scattering? (31-36)

Héctor A. Múnera:

Michelson-Morley Experiments Revisited: , Consistency Among Different Experiments,and Compatibility with Absolute Space (37-54)

V.N. Strel’tsov:

Nonconservation of Charge and Energy as Consequences of Contracted Length Noncovariance (55-58)

K.B. Ranger:

Arbitrary Motion of a Viscous Incompressible Fluid (59-68)

V.V. Dvoeglazov:

Historical Note on Relativistic Theories of Electromagnetism (69-88)


J.P. Wesley: Induction Produces Aharonov-Bohm Effect;

P. Hillion: Review of Retardation and Relativity by Oleg D. Jefimenko (89-100)

@ issue (101-134)

Number 3-4 (July-October 1998)

Halton C. Arp:

Evolution of Quasars into Galaxies and its Implications for the Birth and Evolution of Matter (135-142)

H.-H. v. Borzeszkowski & H.-J. Treder

Mach’s Principle Could Save the Gravitons (143-150)

J. O. Campbell

Black Holes – Fact or Fiction? (151-156)

Matthew R. Edwards

Evidence of a Cosmological Matter and Energy Cycle (157-164)

M.W. Evans & L.B. Crowell

Electron and Proton Spin Resonance Induced by Circularly Polarized Radiation: A Classical Derivation (165-168)

Héctor A. Múnera

Redshift in Absolute Space: Periodicity of Quasars and Other Cosmological Implications (169-180)

Úlpio Nascimento

On the Trail of Fresnel’s Search for an Ether Wind (181-192)

Thomas E. Phipps, Jr.:

Observations of the Marinov Motor (193-208)

V.N. Strel’tsov

Interval in the Theory of Relativity (209-212)

Hartmut Traunmüller

Measuring Time and other Spatio-Temporal Quantities (213-218)

J. P Wesley

The Marinov Motor, Notional Induction without a Magnetic B Field (219-226)


Marcelo B. Ribeiro & Antonio A P. Videira: Dogmatism and Theoretical Pluralism in Modern Cosmology;

Thomas E. Phipps, Jr. In Memory: Chalmers W. Sherwin

Martin Kokus: Review of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity versus Classical Mechanics by Paul Marmet227-238)

@ issue (239-256)

Volume 4

Number 1 (January 1997)

Mario Nanni:

Simple Experiments to Test the Dependence of Gravitational Action on Chemical Composition (1-6)

E. Recami, P. Ammiraju, H.E. Hernández, L.C. Kretly and W.A. Rodrigues, Jr.:

Elementary Particles as Micro-Universes: A Geometric Approach to "Strong Gravity" (7-15)

Cynthia Kolb Whitney:

A Quantum of Light Shed on Classical Potentials and Fields (16-21)

R.G. Zaripov:

On the Energy-Inertial Mass Relation: I. Dynamical Aspects (22-25)


H. R. Drew:
On The Nature of Things as Seen in the Late 20th Century


Role of Fundamental Astronomy in a Renaissence of Science (26-32)

@ issue (G. Walton, L. Szego & P. F. Ofner, D. H. Deutsch) (33-34)

Number 2-3 (April-July 1997)

Special Issue: The B(3) Field: Beyond Maxwell Guest Editor: Myron W. Evans

Myron W. Evans:

Introduction (35-37)

Andrew A. Chubykalo:

The Role of "Action-at-a-Distance" in the Electro-Magnetic Field Radiation Produced by an Accelerated Charge (38-40)

José R. Croca:

Laboratory-Scale Test of de Broglie's Tired-Photon Mode (41-44)

Valeri V. Dvoeglazov & Myron W. Evans:

Toward an Understanding of Electromagnetic Phenomena (45-47)

Myron W. Evans:

Helicity and the Electromagnetic Field (48-54)


The Status of the Experimental Evidence for the B(3) Field (55-58)

Bo Lehnert & Sisir Roy:

Extended Electromagnetic Theory, Angular Momentum and the B(3) Field (59-62)

Héctor A. Múnera & Octavio Guzmán:

Magnetic Potentials, Longitudinal Currents, and Magnetic Properties of Vacuum: All Implicit in Maxwell's Equations (63-70)

Jean-Pierre Vigier:

Relativistic Interpretation (with Non-Zero Photon Mass) of the Small Ether Drift Velocity Detected by Michelson, Morley and Miller (71-76)

Héctor A. Múnera:

An Absolute Space Interpretation (with Non-Zero Photon Mass) of the Non-Null Results of Michelson-Morley and Similar Experiments: An Extension of Vigier's Proposal (77-79)

The Ephemeris:

Jenner Barretto Bastos Filho: Review of Evans/Vigier et al. The Enigmatic Photon; Thomas E. Phipps, Jr.: Why Do Clock Rates Lack Group Properties?; M.W. Evans: Rebuttal of M. Y. A. Raja et al.; P. Marquardt & G. Galeczki: Free Trade between Mass and Energy? (80-85)

@ issue

(Xu Shaozhi & Xu Xiangqun, Michael J. Strickland, H. R. Drew, G. Walton, Viv Pope, T. Frank Lee, Laszlo Szego & Peter F. Ofner, Thomas E. Phipps, Jr., Joseph J. Smulsky, M. W. Evans) (86-95)

Number 4 (October 1997)

Chang Yi-Fang

Possible Decrease of Entropy due to Internal Interactions in Isolated Systems (97-99)

Franco Selleri

Remarks on the Transformations of Space and Time (100-103)

Cynthia Kolb Whitney

The Twins, the Mesons, and the Paradox (104-113)

Milo Wolff

The Eight-fold Way of the Universe

R.G. Zaripov

On the Energy-Inertial Mass Relation: II. Kinematic and Geometrical Aspects (114-117)


Lawrence S. Myers: An Unheralded Giant of Geology: Warren Carey;

G. Galeczki & P. Marquardt: The Incompatibility Between Special Relativity and Particle Dynamics (118-124)

@ issue
(S.C. Tiwari, G. Walton, I.J. Good, Laszlo Szego & Peter F. Ofner, George Galeczki, Thomas E. Phipps, Jr., Xu Shaozhi & Xu Xiangqun, J.O. Campbell, J. P. Wesley, G. Galeczki and P. Marquardt, M. W. Evans) (125-134)

Volume 3

Number 1 (January 1996)

Bogdan Wszolek and Zbigniew Golda (Jagiellonian University Observatory, Krakow)

A Search for Infrared Emission from Extragalactic Clouds in the Sculptor Group of Galaxies (1-2)

V.S. Troitsky (Radiophysical Research Institute, Nizhny Novgorod )

On the Nature of the Redshift in the Standard Model of Cosmology (2-6)

V.A. Kuligin, G.A. Kuligina and M.V. Korneva (State University, Voronezh)

The Electromagnetic Mass of a Charged Particle (6-10)

S.X.K. Howusu (University of Jos, Nigeria)

Cosmological Redshift: an Experimental Detection of Gravitational Radiation (10-13)

P.F. Browne (UMIST)

The Æther, Inertia and Cosmology (14-16)


Tom Van Flandern (Metaresearch Institute, Chevy Chase, MD) Another Aftershock for the Big Bang (17)

@ issue (19-25)

Number 2 (April 1996)

Jacques Moret-Bailly (Universite de Bourgogne, Dijon)

Quantum Mechanics an Approximation of Classical(27-30)

Chi Yi-Fang (Yunnan University, Kunming)

Nonlinear Nature of Gravitational Waves (30-32)

C. Monstein (Freienbach, Switzerland) & J.P. Wesley (Blumberg, Germany)

Solar System Velocity from Muon Flux Anisotropy (33-37)

Hitoshi Kitada (University of Tokyo) & Lancelot R. Fletcher (Jersey City, New Jersey)

Local Time and the Unification of Physics (38-46)

Curt Renshaw (Alpharetta, Georgia)

Apparent Superluminal Jets as a Test of Special Relativity (46-49)


M.W. Evans ( YorkUniversity& Indian Statistical Institute)
Review of Erich Bagge, "World and Antiworld in Physical Reality"; George Galeczki (Köln) In Memoriam Nathan Rosen. (50-51)

@ issue ()

Number 3-4 (July-October 1996)

Jean-Claude Pecker (Collège de France, Paris)

In Memoriam Toivo Jaakkola (57-60)

Toivo Jaakkola (Tuorla Observatory, Finland)

Action-at-a-Distance and Local Action in Gravitation (61-75)

V.S. Troitskij (Radiophysical Institute, Nizhny Novgorod)

Observational Tests of the Standard Model (76-91)

J.P. Wesley (Blumberg, Germany)

Order versus Chaos in a Steady State Cosmology (92-98)

D.F. Roscoe (University of Sheffield, U.K.)

A Fractal Universe with Discrete Spatial Scales (99-107)

G. Galeczki and P. Marquardt (Society for the Advancement of Physics, Köln)

A Non-Expanding, Non-Relativistic Universe (108-112)

R. Prasad (London, U.K.)

A Non-Riemannian Universe (113-116)


T.E. Phipps, Jr.: Problems of Quantum Mechanics; George Galeczki: Seventieth Birthday of a Non-Effect: Thomas Precession (117-120)

@ issue (121-130)

Volume 2

Number 1 (January 1995)

Paul Marmet (University of Ottawa)

Origin of the 3 K Radiation (1-4)

P. Marquardt and G. Galeczki (University of Köln )

Action and Quantum Mechanics (5-15)

Wen-Xiu Li (University of Science and Technology of China)

On the Relativity of Lengths and Times (16-19)

The Ephemeris:

Tom Van Flandern (Meta Research) Did the Universe Have a Beginning? (20-24)

@ issue (correspondence, debate) (25-26)

Number 2 (April 1995)

J.P. Wesley (Blumberg, Germany)

Classical Quantum Theory (27-32)

G. Galeczki (University of Köln )

The "Aurau Question" and the de Broglie Wave (33-37)

Amitabha Ghosh (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)

Dynamical Inertial Induction and the Potential Energy Problem (38-40)


Halton C. Arp (Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik): New Light on Redshift Periodicities (41-46)

@ issue (correspondence, debate) (46-52)

Number 3 (July 1995)

Peter Huber (University of Heidelberg) and Toivo Jaakkola (Turku University Observatory)

The Static Universe of Walther Nernst (53-57)

Walther Nernst

Further Investigation of the Hypothesis of a Stationary Universe (58-71)

P.F. Browne (University ofManchester)

The Cosmological Views of Nernst: An Appraisal (72-78)

A.K.T. Assis (State University ofCampinas ) and M.C.D. Neves (State University of Maringa )

History of the 2.7 K Temperature Prior to Penzias and Wilson (79-87)


P.F. Browne (University of Manchester) de Sitter Cosmology Reinterpreted (88-91)

@ issue (correspondence, debate) (92-94)

Number 4 (October 1995)

Franco Selleri: Introduction (95-96)

"Fundamental Problems of Quantum Physics"

Asim O. Barut (University of Colorado) (97-98)

Jeffrey Bub (University of Maryland) (98-100)

Bernard d'Espagnat (University of Paris-South) (101)

Jenner Barretto Bastos Filho (Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil) (102-103)

Mendel Sachs (State University of New York at Buffalo) (104-108)

Emilio Santos (University of Cantabria, Spain) (108-111)

Franco Selleri (University of Bari, Italy) (112-113)

Jean-Pierre Vigier (University of Paris-Pierre and Marie Curie) (114-115)


T.E. Phipps, Jr. (Urbana, Ill.) An Essay in Science Criticism (116-118)

@ issue (correspondence, debate) (119-124)


Numbered Issues (1987-1994)

Nr. 18 (February 1994)

Toivo Jaakkola (Tuorla Observatory, Turku, Finland)

Radiative and Dynamical Implications of Electrogravity (1-5)

Peter Huber (Heidelberg University)

The Cosmological Redshift as a Virtual Effect of Gravitation (5-8)

H.E. Wilhelm (University of Utah)

Fitzgerald Contraction, Larmor Dilation, Lorentz Force, Particle Mass and Energy as Invariants of Galilean Electrodynamics (9-19)

Adolphe Martin (Longueuil, Quebec)

Light Signals in Galilean Relativity (20-25)

@ issue ()

Nr. 19 (June 1994)

S.H. Kim (University of Texas at Arlington)

A Non-Lorentzian Force Stronger than the Lorentz Force (1-5)

Constantin Antonopoulos (National Technological University of Athens)

The Semantics of Absolute Space (6-11)

Thomas E. Phipps, Jr. (Urbana, Illinois)

Stellar and Planetary Aberration (12-18)

P. Graneau (Northeastern University, Arlington) and A.K.T. Assis (University of Campinas, Brazil)

Kirchhoff on the Motion of Electricity in Conductors (19-25)

Peter F. Browne (University of Manchester)

Newtonian Cosmology with Renormalized Zero-Point Radiation (26-31)


Review of Peter and Neal Graneau: Newtonversus Einstein by Dennis P. Allen, Jr. (32)

@ issue ()

Nr. 20 (October 1994)

Martin Kokus (Hopewell, Pennsylvania)

Cosmological Coincidences (1-5)

P.F. Browne ( University of Manchester)

Universes , Black Holes and Elementary Particles (6-13)

Donald G. Carpenter (Colorado Tech)

Cosmology and Quantum Mechanical Unstable States for Helium (14-16)

P. Marquardt and G. Galeczki (University of Köln)

The Uncertainty Principle Revisited (17-20)

V.A. Kuligin, G.A. Kuligina and M.V. Korneva (University of Voronezh, Russia)

Epistemology and Special Relativity (21-25)

G. Galeczki (University of Köln)

Physical Laws and the Theory of Special Relativity (26-31)

T. Chang (University of Alabama, Huntsville)

A Formulation of the Gravitational Equation of Motion (32-35)


Robert Oldershaw (Amherst, Mass.)

Keeping Physics on Track (35-39)

@ issue ()


Nr. 15 (February 1993)

H.E. Wilhelm (University of Utah)

Galilei Covariant Electrodynamics of Moving Media with Applictions to the Experiments of Fizeau and Hoek (1-6)

S.X.K. Howusu (University of Jos, Nigeria)

The Confrontation between Relativity and the Principle of Reciprocal Action (7-9)

Henrik Broberg (Norwegian Telecom, Oslo)

On the Kinetic Origin of Mass (10-20)

@ issue (21-25)

Nr. 16 (June 1993)

C.I. Mocanu (Polytechnical Institute of Bucharest, Romania)

Is Thomas Rotation a Paradox? (1-8)

Zu Shaozhi and Xu Xiangqun (Beijing Control Device Research Institute)

On the Relativity of Simultaneity (8-11)

Martin Kokus ( Hopewell, PA) and A.O. Barut, University ofColorado)

Suggestion for Unifying Two Types of Quantized Redshift of Astronomical Bodies (11-13)

@ issue ()

Nr. 17 (October 1993)

Thomas E. Phipps Jr. (Urbana, Illinois)

Ampere Tension and Newton's Laws (1-5)

Henry P. Dart, III (Tucson, Arizona)

A New Alternative to the Big Bang Theory (5-8)

S.X.K. Howusu (University of Jos, Nigeria)

General Mechanics of a Photon in the Gravitational Field of a Stationary Homogeneous Spherical Body (9-12)

S.H. Kim (University of Texasat Arlington)

Principle of Random Wave-Function Phase of the Final State in Free-Electron Emission in a Wiggler (13-17)

Robert L. Carroll (Summerville, SC)

The Black Hole (18-21)

@ issue ()


Nr. 12 (February 1992)

Zaman Akil (Kuwait City)

On the Constant of Gravitation (5-9)

André K.T. Assis (State University of Campinas, Brazil)

On Hubble's Law of Redshift, Olbers' Paradox and the Cosmic Background Radiation (10-16)

S.C. Tiwari (Banaras HinduUniversity, Varanasi, India)

The Nature of Time (17-20)

@ issue (correspondence, debate) (1-4)

Nr. 13 (June 1992)

Bogdan Wszolek (Jagiellonian University Observatory, Krakow)

Dust in the South Coma Void? (1-2)

André K.T. Assis (State University of Campinas, Brazil)

On the Absorption of Gravity (3-10)

D.F. Roscoe (University of Sheffield)

The Equivalence Principle as a Consequence of the Third Law (11-12)

Joop F. Nieland (Arles sur Tech, France)

Vacuum Refraction Theory of Gravitation (13-16)

H.E. Wilhelm (University of Utah)

Explanation of Anomalous Unipolar Induction in Corotating Conductor-Magnet Arrangements by Galilean Electrodynamics (17-23)

@ issue (correspondence, debate) (24-25)

Nr. 14 (October 1992)

Robert L. Carroll (Summerville, S.C.)

Physical Reality and Cosmology (1-2)

John W. Kierein (Ball Space Systems, Boulder CO)

A Mechanism for Particle Acceleration in Space Plasmas and for Planetary Mass Accretion (3-4)

Thomas E. Phipps Jr. (Urbana, Illinois)

Lorentz Contraction of the Coulomb Field: An Experimental Proposal (5-11)

Joseph J. Smulsky (Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch)

When the Obstacles are Removed (12-14)

Peter Huber (Germanistisches Seminar, Heidelberg University)

Does the Velocity of Light Decrease? (15-17)

@ issue (18-21)


Nrs. 9-10 (Winter-Spring 1991)

Festschrift Vigier Introduction (i-vi)

Workshop Participants

Jean-Claude Pecker (College de France, Paris)

A Tribute to Jean-Pierre Vigier (1-3)

Konrad Rudnicki (Jagiellonian University Observatory, Krakow)

What are the Empirical Bases of the Hubble Law? (4-7)

William Napier (Royal Observatory, Edinburgh)

Crystal Spheres in Velocity Space? (8-17)

Halton Arp (Max-Planck-Institute,Munich)

How Non-Velocity Redshifts in Galaxies Depend on Epoch of Creation (18-29)

S.V.M. Clube (Astrophysics Department, Oxford University)

Mass Inflation as a Recurring Property of Matter in Astrophysical Situations (30-34))

Amitabha Ghosh (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)

Velocity Dependent Inertial Induction: A Possible Tired-Light Mechanism (35-44)

Paul Marmet (Physics Department, University of Ottawa)

A New Mechanism to Explain Observations Incompatible with the Big Bang (45-53)

David Roscoe (Department of Applied Mathematics, Sheffield University)

Gravity out of Inertia (54-61)

Henrik Broberg (Djursholm, Sweden)

Mass, Energy, Space (62-75)

Toivo Jaakkola (University Observatory, Helsinki)

Electrogravitational Coupling: Empirical and Theoretical Arguments (76-90)

Peter N. Kropotkin (Geological Institute, Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

The Perfect Cosmological Principle and the Hubble Effect (91-96)

Richard A. Waldron (Department of Mathematics, University of Ulster)

An Infinite Non-Expanding Universe in Dynamic Equilibrium (97)

Nr. 11 (Autumn 1991)

Witold Maciejewski (Jagiellonian University Observatory, Krakow)

Contrasts and Average Density in the Hierarchical Model of the Universe (7-8)

Alexey Shlenov (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Conservation of Energy in a Static Universe (9-12)

Paul Pesteil (Nice, France)

Numerical Analysis of Particle Masses (13-19)

@ issue (1-6)


Nr. 6 (Winter 1990)

Toivo Jaakkola ( Helsinki University Observatory)

On Reviving Tired Light (5-6)

Donald G. Carpenter (ColoradoTech)

Electron-Spin- Reversal Noise in the Gigahertz and TerahertzRangesas a Basis for Tired-Light Cosmology (7-11)

Jean-Claude Pecker (College de France)/Jean-Pierre Vigier (University of Paris)/Toivo Jaakkola (Helsinki University Observatory)

Spatial Fluctuation of the Hubble "Constant" (12-16) 

@ issue (1-4)

Nr. 7 (Summer 1990)

Thomas E. Phipps Jr. (Urbana, Illinois)

To Seek the Truth in the Face of Authority (1-3)

R.A. Waldron (University of Ulster)

Stellar Collapse (4-7)

P. Marmet (University of Ottawa)

Relativity and the Formation of Black Holes (8-10)

@ issue (11-13)

Nr. 8 (Autumn 1990)

Jacques Trempe (Montreal, Quebec)

Laws of Light Propagation in Galilean Space-Time (1-7)

Thomas E. Phipps Jr. (Urbana, Illinois)

Weber-type Laws of Action-at-a-Distance in Modern Physics (8-14)

Zbigniew Garncarek (Pedagogical University, Opole, Poland)/ Konrad Rudnicki (Jagiellonian University Observatory, Krakow)

Do Various Indices of Clustering of Galaxies Describe the same Physical Property (15-17)  

@issue (18-20)


Nr. 4 (February 1989)

Konrad Rudnicki (Jagiellonian University, Krakow)

The Importance of Cosmological Principles for Research in Cosmology (1-7)

Toivo Jaakkola (Helsinki University Observatory)

The Cosmological Principle: Theoretical and Empirical Foundations (9-31)

Nr. 5 (Fall 1989)

Fred Walker (Sedona, Arizona)

A Contradiction in the Theory of Universal Expansion (1-6)

Halton Arp (Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Munich)

Extragalactic Evidence for Quantum Causality (7-9)

S.V.M. Clube (University of Oxford)

Lorentzian Gravity and Cosmology (11-15)


Nr. 2 (February 1988)

Jean-Claude Pecker (College de France)

How To Describe Physical Reality? (1-12)

Jean-Claude Pecker/Jean-Pierre Vigier (University of Paris)

A Possible Tired-Light Mechanism (13-15)

Nr. 3 (August 1988)

D.F. Roscoe (University of Sheffield)

Gravitation as an Inertial Process (9-17)

Amitabha Ghosh (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)

Velocity-Dependent Inertial Induction: A Case for Experimental Observation (18-23)


Nr. 1 (September 1987)

Henrik Broberg (Stockholm)

Particle Mass in a Cosmological Perspective (1-4)

Toivo Jaakkola ( University of Helsinki Observatory)

Mach s Principle and Properties of Local Structure (5-12)