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The Online Journal (ISSN 0843-6061)

Volume 20 Hors série 4 (June 2018)

Robert J. Buenker:

The Relativity Principle and the Kinetic Scaling of the Units of Energy, Time and Length 1-31

Valeri V. Dvoeglazov and Jesús A. Cázares Montes:

How the Generalized Maxwell Equations Can Be Derived from the Einstein Postulate? 32-35

V. B. Morozov:

Dark energy as zero energy of gravity field 36-42

Hector A Munera:

The Empirical Evidence for the Relativistic Theories of Lorentz, Poincaré and Einstein: the 1881 and 1887 Michelson Experiments, Revisited 43-87